Our Story

The seeds of Lahe by Loka were sown in 2018 with the birth of ‘Loka House’ in Auroville that was launched by Anuradha Subramanian (Founder)– who built a place alive with interconnectedness, boundless creativity, and a strong sense of community.

Inspired by this vibrant energy, she joined hands with Nurall to form Lokastays and build a collection of boutique welcoming resorts across India. Lahe by Loka is our flagship property and a nurturing sanctuary that harmonizes with its surroundings, fostering deep connections and growth.


About Nurall

At Nurall we create boutique spaces to get people together. We are inspired by nature, sustainability and reusing local elements to create truly unique spaces which include residences/villas, boutique resorts and cafes.  We build artistic, sustainable buildings that merge modern construction with local traditional elements.  

Our Portfolio includes  Nurall Villas - nature inspired sustainable villas in picturesque locations, Lokastays—a collection of premium boutique resorts and CaféRasa—a chain of community led coworking cafes.

We also operate a long term growth focused real estate fund. Our investors work with us in co creating beautiful spaces across India and SE Asia.

Discover Unique Spaces & Premium Experiences with Us

Experience the essence of slow living at Lahe, our flagship abode nestled in serene settings near Auroville & Pondicherry. 

Join our community of explorers and immerse yourself in rich culture, travel, and exploration.

Lahe by Loka is our unwavering commitment and we are embracing the natural evolution of our philosophy that brings together the transformative power of immersive experiences into slow & luxurious living. 

Our Team

Meet the team powering LokaStays

Anuradha Subramanian
Founder Lokastays

Anu possesses over 14 years of diverse experience in hospitality leadership, corporate travel, startup ecosystems, and creative entrepreneurship. Beginning with Oberoi Hotels, she excelled in Sales & Marketing and now thrives as the founder of Loka House and curator of Ten10, nurturing a vibrant creative community.

Ravinder Dharmapuram
Founder & CEO of Nurall

Ravi, an entrepreneurial builder with 20+ years in scalable software, transitioned from Amazon Prime to create Nurall during the pandemic. He's driven by remote work, tech, community, and the future of work, guiding Nurall's growth from inception to product launch.

Karthik Bhat
India GM, Nurall - Lifestyle/Wellness, Customer, Corporate

Karthik, a serial entrepreneur and wellness industry leader, embraced remote work in 2018. He bootstrapped two startups in Bangalore post his return from the Bay Area in 2013 and founded Turia.ai in 2018. He's dedicated to crafting lifestyle products, envisioning the future of work, and promoting wellness, with a deep passion for yoga and the ancient Indian martial art of Kalari.



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